3g mobile wireless video broadcasting

Why Choose WobCast?

Live Emphasis WobCast™ encourages participation within content as it is broadcast and involves the audience with events as they happen. It enables new ways of blogging and generating amatuer content.
Two-Way WobCast™ technology enables a ‘return path’ to the broadcaster via the WobCast™ server, which means video can instantly be put on-air, viewed on the web or posted to a blog.
Cross Platform WobCast™ is built to scale across multiple technology platforms. This means that it will be ready to work across multiple wireless communication networks, e.g. UMTS/3G, Wifi, Wimax. This is because the growth area in digital imaging is in converging the digital camera with wireless communications. 
Video Blogging, VodCasting and IP.TV feeds A future growth area is TV content distributed via the Internet. This will enable millions of ‘amateur’ producer-broadcasters to reach a global audience. 
Mass Market WobCast™ will provide the technology to enable millions of people to put to better use the video technology that is in their mobile devices, this will enable further growth of ‘Consumer Generated Content’. Likewise it will enable users of digital imaging and video devices to put to use the wireless communication capabilities of those devices.

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wobcast on o2 3G network

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