3g mobile wireless video broadcasting


Broadcasters need to use the latest technologies to deliver good quality content to their audiences. In recent times, the need for up-to-the minute news has forced broadcasters into using mobile phone footage – however this has never been ‘live, as it happens’ footage. Broadcasters and producers have increasingly looked to leverage mobile phones to encourage participation and interaction between content and its audience. One of the main benefits of this is that significant revenues are generated via premium rate text messaging. The same will happen with video messaging.

WobCast™ 3G Interactive TV enables broadcasters and production companies to involve the audience through the power of live video messaging direct from the handset to the production / broadcast studio. Examples include: 

·         live footage from a ‘breaking news’ event with the input of people in the area e.g. a citizen journalist application

·         live footage and opinion from an established journalist e.g. a wireless outside broadcasting application

·         audience participation within a program e.g. opinion on a football match live from the ground