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Matthew Holland 

Has significant international experience in working on interactive and new media as well as traditional branding and marketing projects. Matthew has worked for clients such as Guinness, BBC, Barclays Bank and Columbia Tristar films.

Matthew worked for the media company Pittard Sullivan, Inc along with fellow WobCast™ advisor, John Bryan, on strategies and creative projects for leading broadcasters in the emerging ‘convergent media’ space. He is a regular guest speaker at the University of Westminster, talking to undergraduates and postgraduates about the continuing developments and application of digital communications.

John Bryan

Has worked in business / brand development specialising in bringing together content, technology and distribution to create long-term growth and quantifiable revenue streams. John's experience and knowledge came through his four year stint at Pittard Sullivan, one of the truly innovative greats of media branding as "VP, Worldwide Business Development". 

John's client base covered a wide range of traditional and "new wave" broadcasters / distribution platforms, content producers and media technology organizations. During his time at Pittard Sullivan, John was responsible for projects such as the branding of British Telecoms "Openworld" Broadband service, Amsterdam based UPC's "Da Vinci" triple play set top box, Hong Kong Telecom's "Network of the World" broadband service, Deutsche Telecom's "MediaVision", TV centric projects for TVG (US), GSN (US) and the re-branding of interactive games giant Electronic Arts EA Sports division. John has also authored articles for leading media publications such as C21 and is highly regarded as a speaker on the issues of brand, and business development in the convergence of traditional media distribution and new platforms.