3g mobile wireless video broadcasting

WobCast 3G Video Short Codes

WobCast's video short code platform leverages the capability of cellular and wireless networks to enable 2 way video and audio broadcasting. 

WobCast specialises in enabling the live transmission FROM the video phone to our platform. This content can then be stored and delivered over the internet to a service provider. e.g. a blogging service provider or a TV broadcaster.

Key Features of the WobCast Video Broadcast Short Code Platform
Ease of Use The WobCaster dials a 4 or 5 digit number to begin transmission. there is no need to download a Java application to the handset.
Billing Options Per minute billing, drop charges, standard rate and freephone
2-way There is an options that whilst the WobCaster is transmitting video from their phone camera, they can also view on their phone content being sent by the servide provider. This could be useful for video conferencing.
Set-up Time A service provider could have their application active within 2 weeks.
Availability WobCast shortcodes are available for most parts of the world
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wobcast on o2 3G network

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